06 February 2008

Präsident Dieter Uchtdorf

“This is not an American church,” Uchtdorf said during a press conference in 2004. “It is the Church of Jesus Christ.”

President Uchtdorf is one of only three apostles of the Church to have grown up speaking a language other than English.

Dieter Uchtdorf has been called to serve as second counselor in the LDS Church's First Presidency. He will serve as counselor to President Thomas S. Monson.

Germany's international broadcasting service, Deutsche-Welle has run a good article on President Uchtdorf.

Last time I actually met President Uchtdorf was in the Church's Missionary Training Center in São Paulo, Brazil. He was serving then in the Church's Presidency of the Seventy, and was visiting Brazil with then Elder Eyring, who interestingly is now President Uchtdorf's fellow member of the First Presidency.

A Czech-born German national, Dieter Uchtdorf is by trade an engineer, a pilot, and a business executive.

Also, see this article on Uchtdorf and the Church's global growth.

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