05 February 2008

Get out and VOTE! Get involved!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages Church members to be involved in government, public service, and to VOTE. Today is election day in 24 states in the U.S. The Church is politically neutral; it only encourages us Mormons to be active in our communities and vote for candidates we prefer.

Above is a picture of me in my car after I voted here in Los Angeles.

The following is taken from the Church's website:

The Church does:

  • Encourage its members to play a role as responsible citizens in their communities, including becoming informed about issues and voting in elections.
  • Expect its members to engage in the political process in an informed and civil manner, respecting the fact that members of the Church come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and may have differences of opinion in partisan political matters.
  • Request candidates for office not to imply that their candidacy or platforms are endorsed by the Church.

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