07 August 2009

The Church in China

I just read an old speech by Elder Dallin Oaks about the Church in China. Mormons have been in and out of China for decades and there has been a lot of progress for the Church in that region of the world. This talk was given in 1991 at BYU and should be re-given with the amazingly positive developments that have happened in the past 18 years!

The speech is available for free at:

I reflect on the improved religious liberties granted to the Chinese during recent years. Chinese leaders have been increasingly willing to support their people's rights to pursue faith and religious beliefs.

President Carter established official diplomatic ties with China in 1979, just a year after LDS Church President Spencer Kimball issued very prophetic remarks about the opening of the Church and the spread of the restored gospel in China. It is remarkable that President Obama has appointed a Mormon fluent in Mandarin, Jon Huntsman, to serve as the bridge between the U.S. and China. What a great opportunity for the LDS community globally and especially in Asia!

Please take a few minutes to read this. It really inspired me and I believe that the time will come for the LDS Church to truly grow and flourish throughout China.


Vincent said...

i see, actually for most chinese, we don't hear mormon that often since we are not a religous nation.

Thorsted said...

The church in China has always seemed to at the edge of coming to fruition. It does seem closer than ever to finally spreading the gospel to the great people of China.
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