03 April 2008

Mormon business executive to launch a new airline in BRAZIL

While I was in São Paulo, Brazil (where I served my LDS mission) last week, everyone was buzzing with the news of Brazil's newest airline.  The airline is being launched by JetBlue founder David Neeleman, an LDS entrepreneur made famous by his vast business success.  The company is not yet named.  In the photo above, Mr. Neeleman is shown with a model plane painted with the phrase "Você Escolhe," meaning "you choose", referring to the current contest open to the public to name the new airline.  The first place winner of the contest will win free air travel for life!

David Neeleman has a lot of interest in Brazil: he was born in Brazil, served an LDS mission there, and has dual citizenship, and his son is currently there on a mission, as well.
The New York Times covers this news here.  Bloomberg covers it here.

Since the miserable failure of the Brazilian flagship carrier, VARIG, caused a major void in Brazilian air travel, the country of nearly 200 million people has suffered in terms of a problematic aviation sector, high airfare, etc.  The new airline hopes to address the needs of the Brazilian aviation market by providing decent fares and regular flights between even more cities throughout the country.  

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