24 February 2008

Will John McCain choose an LDS running mate (not Mitt)?

Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah has been a loyal John McCain backer since very early on. Huntsman, 47, hails from one of the country's most Republican states and he's a Mormon.  Rumors have circulated that Huntsman may be one of John McCain's picks for the V.P. position.  Huntsman is an attractive candidate because he is a semi-moderate conservative, and also due to his international experience and connections: he has two adopted daughters: one from China, and another from India; he has lots of international (and domestic) business experience, has served as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  Additionally he has loads of money, and has been considered one of the most popular governors in America. (At one point, rankings placed him as THE most popular governor in the country!)  Some Latter-day Saint Republicans have been left bitter and disappointed by the failure of Mitt Romney's campaign, so by choosing a Mormon, perhaps McCain could cozy up to LDS voters.

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Anonymous said...

As a Mormon in Utah, I would not vote for a McCain-Huntsman ticket. I would rather see Romney as the next vice president. Romney is far more qualified, well known, and has more knowledge and understanding of the current issues than anyone else with his qualifications.