03 February 2008

Cathedral's bells in honor of President Hinckley

I went up to Utah this past weekend. President Hinckley's viewing lasted through Friday evening, and his funeral was held on Saturday morning.

Here in this photo, you see the end of the entourage accompanying President Hinckley's casket from the Conference Center (funeral venue) to the Salt Lake City Cemetery... along South Temple street downtown. I took this photo as I was with family near the Cathedral of the Madeleine, participating in the "cane salute". Anyway, as the hearse and its entourage passed by the Cathedral, its bells played as a tribute to President Hinckley and the deep friendship he fostered between the LDS and Catholic communities in Utah, and abroad. This was a moving example of interfaith goodwill and respect.

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Herb said...

Just happened to run across your blog, don't know you though.

I was just wondering, no photos of the infamous cane salutes?