27 January 2008

Latter-day Saint recognized by Parliament in Australia

The Victorian State Parliament recently recognized Pam Mamouney of the Berwick, Melbourne ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for her dedicated work in the City of Casey Interfaith Network, promoting peace, understanding and good will amongst all people within the local community.
The Interfaith Network is to bring representatives from the different religions within a
specific local council to discuss peace and understanding by holding regular meetings,
organizing tours of various religious sites and chapels, and organizing functions that may
involve local state Parliamentarians.
Parliamentarian Ms Judith Graley said, “One of the pleasures of public life is meeting new people, especially meeting women who are doing wonderful things for the local community…like Mamouney’s 46 years as a member of the Church. She is a working example of God’s great work.”

Ms Graley summarized by saying, “I thank Pam for her dedication to others, her leadership by example and her work for the local community. Most of all, I thank her for her welcoming smile – a smile given to everyone from all countries, backgrounds and religions who choose to make their new home [here]. . . "
(Thanks to the LDS newsroom at Church offices in Australia)

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