11 January 2008

African American Mormon Pioneers

I stumbled across this great site! We know that there are very many Blacks in the LDS Church and numerous Black LDS leaders, but few people understand the extent of their role in Mormon history. The fantastic Darius Gray (former president of the Genesis Group) and Margaret Young (BYU professor) have introduced yet another resource to help people learn about Black LDS history.  Their new film, which is currently in post-production, is going to launch soon. You can see a trailer at this official documentary website.

For further information on Blacks in the Church, as well as African American Mormon History, please visit the official website of the Genesis Group, an official LDS organization.

Also, I'd like to share an important presentation by Darius Gray. It addresses issues surrounding African Americans and racial relations in the LDS Church.  He's also partnered with Marvin Smith to put together a great DVD set.

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